Top tips to help remove your self-tan

We understand, sometimes your self-tan glow just has to go! Whether your tan has turned streaky as it’s faded or you’ve miscalculated your tanning times and turned a little orange. Maybe you’re simply looking to remove the lingering remains of last month's tan before starting again. Luckily, there’s plenty of ways to get rid of your self-tan at your own convenience.

For instant self-tan removal

Self-tan removers

Self-tan remover is the quickest method to remove a stubborn self-tan and can work in a matter of minutes. Most self-tan removers, including the Hawaiian Tropic self-tan eraser, are easy to apply and provide almost instant results. Simply massage the self-tan remover over clean, dry skin using circular motions. This helps cover the entire area and encourages it to absorb into the skin. Then let the product sit for around five minutes (remember to check the bottle first as some removers may need longer!) and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Your tan should be completely gone, like magic.

Getting rid of self-tan gradually


Steam is a great way to gradually remove your self-tan (plus it’s a good excuse to relax!). Humidity opens your pores and loosens trapped pigments of tanning products. Although your tan won’t completely disappear, it effectively softens a tan that’s darkened too much. Likewise, sweating can dislodge self-tan stains. So, hit the gym, get your sweat on and then let yourself relax in a steam room for half an hour to start fading that tan.


Exfoliation is key when it comes to removing a build-up of self-tan and is often used alongside other removal methods. Use an exfoliating mitt or your favourite body scrub to rub over your skin and remove dead skin cells. Scrub with caution though as too much pressure can cause irritation.


Oil is a natural product that can slowly get rid of an unwanted tan. Oil has the ability to loosen dead skin cells that have over-coloured and contains ingredients that’ll break down DHA tanning agents. Slather your tanned skin with oil:any type will do the job, so take whatever you’ve got at home, whether it’s coconut, olive or baby oil. Then let it soak in for around 30 minutes. After that, jump in the shower and get exfoliating. This method has the added benefit of moisturising your skin and leaving a radiant glow. Be sure to be careful when showering as the oil will make your bathroom surfaces slippery.


Enjoy swimming? You’re in luck. Taking a dip in the pool can actually help to remove self-tan. The chlorine used in swimming pool water can have a bleaching effect on your skin. Dive right in, swim some lengths or treat yourself to a trip to the jacuzzi. Take a shower when you’re out of the water and you guessed it, exfoliate (we did say it was important!). Follow up with some moisturiser to prevent your skin becoming dry. This technique is perfect for an all-over body self-tan removal.

Last-minute fixes for self-tan removal

Right, if you’ve really made a mistake and need a quick fix, there’s a few at-home remedies that may help. We definitely wouldn’t recommend adding these to your usual self-tan removal routine, but if you urgently need to say goodbye to your tan, you could try one of these DIY tricks.

Baking soda

You’re probably aware that baking soda has whitening powers. Well, apparently it has the same effect on skin. Create a paste by mixing two tablespoons of baking soda with some water. Rub it over the skin and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water. Definitely avoid trying this on your face or other sensitive areas.

Lemon juice

Another magic kitchen ingredient – the lemon. Lemon juice acts like a natural bleach and helps fade self-tan on skin. Create a scrub with lemon juice and sugar to exfoliate, or simply add some lemon juice to your bath water and soak in that citrus scent.


Moving to the bathroom, you’ll find another well-known whitening agent – toothpaste. This is ideal for use on smaller areas, like in between your fingers and toes. Just brush on and leave on for 15-30 minutes to lift the colour.