What does after sun do and how does it work?

Most of us know how to look after our skin whilst tanning, but how can we further protect and nourish our skin once we’re out of the sun? Contrary to popular belief, after sun isn’t just for sunburn. In reality, you can use this product after spending any amount of time in the sun, or even as a year-round moisturiser.

Here at Hawaiian Tropic, we’ve put together a useful guide to help you understand what after sun is really for and how it actually works.

What is after sun and what does it actually do?

After sun is designed specifically for moisturising skin after exposure to the sun. Full of soothing ingredients, it rehydrates the skin along with reducing any redness or inflammation. Ingredients such as aloe vera work wonders for replenishing any moisture that has been lost from exposure to the sun’s UV rays. In addition, this soothing ingredient helps to stimulate collagen production — the protein that gives our skin its structure.

At Hawaiian Tropic, our after suns contain many nourishing ingredients, such as shea butter, silk proteins and mango fruit extract. These carefully selected elements help to keep you silky smooth all day long and feel nice and cool when applied to hot skin.

Does after sun cure sunburn?

Prevention is always the best cure, and so we advise topping up with sun lotion and following our sun safety tips to avoid sunburn altogether. Unfortunately, no product can actually “cure” sunburn as your body has its own healing process which it needs to go through. However, after sun works to help repair the skin and to minimise the pain and inflammation we often associate with sunburn, which is why we recommend using after sun for sunburn

If you’ve been out in the sun for a little too long and are now sporting a rather red complexion, there are a few steps you can take to help ease any discomfort. These are as follows:

  • Start by drinking lots of water to help rehydrate your body and skin.
  • Have a cool shower to help reduce the heat on your skin and to release inflammatory proteins.
  • Apply after sun just as you would sun lotion, ensuring that all skin that was exposed to the sun is covered.
  • Reapply after sun if you begin to feel any tightness or irritation.

When and how often should after sun be applied?

If your skin has experienced sun damage, after sun can be applied as often as necessary. It’s extremely important to ensure that damaged or burnt skin is kept moisturised and hydrated to avoid peeling. However, once your skin has healed, it’s best to reduce your usage by applying just once a day.

In addition, if you’ve been able to achieve a sun-kissed tan rather than a nasty burn, then the use of after sun can help to keep that glow for a little longer by preventing your tan from fading. This is due to the moisturising effect of after sun, which helps to avoid dry, flaky skin.

We recommend applying this product after taking a shower, so your body is a little damp. This makes your skin much more susceptible to the lotion, and also means that some of that excess water is also being pulled in to rehydrate the skin.

Can you use after sun as a daily moisturiser?

Yes! After sun can absolutely be used as a daily moisturiser. These products are actually very similar to standard moisturisers, except they contain some added benefits. For example, after sun is lightweight to ensure heat is able to escape your skin, which makes it perfect for daily use. Furthermore, these products also contain extra soothing ingredients, such as aloe vera or coconut oil, to give your skin that extra support.

After all, why wait until the summer months to take care of your skin? Using this lotion each day can help to maintain silky smooth, pampered skin all year round. Plus, at Hawaiian Tropic, our after sun products contain all the smells of Hawaii in one bottle, so you can feel like you’re on holiday wherever you are.